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Sample Documents

Sample Documents

Please note, for self-employed individuals, their T1 Generals can be up to 70 pages long. For employed individuals their T1 Generals may be up to 10 pages long. In both cases we would need your complete return in its entirety. We will generally require two most recent years T1 Generals.

We will generally require two most recent years T4 Statements from your employer-must have your name on the document.  

We will generally require two most recent years NOAs. 

We will generally require the most current year for anyone taking CCB. 

Please confirm statement includes a 90 Day History and that a name is on the statement. Please do not black out any account number and/or transactions

Meet Our Document Specialist

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Administrative Assistant & Document Specialist

Kaitlyn Braun


OFFICE: (780) 513-6611

FAX: (780) 513-6762

For any questions regarding documents, please reach out to our document specialist.

Letter of Employment needs to include: Employer Signature, Job Title, Full/Part Time Status, Start Date, Wage & Guaranteed Hours. 

Required for anyone receiving down payment from an immediate relative. 

Useful Information

Templates + Forms

Documents Required

Notebook and Pen

Let's Work Together

We work to make our document collection process as simple and secured as possible. When submitting your documents, please upload to our secured online portal. We care about protecting your documents and so should you! 

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