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Seasonal Home Owner Tips

A home is a big investment and it makes sense to protect that investment by taking care of the home. Seasonal maintenance is something any homeowner should practice. It will help you to identify any bigger issues, as well as help keep your home in the best health it can be in. Our Grande Prairie mortgage broker team has some helpful tips when it comes to seasonal home maintenance and care.

Create a Checklist

The maintenance you do will depend on what season you are in. Many homeowners use autumn and spring for their main home maintenance because it gets them ready for the colder days of winter and hotter days of summer. We’ll go through each season and what you should have on your to-do list.


Autumn brings cooler temperatures and falling leaves, and a lot to clean up! Autumn leaves can be a beautiful sight as they change colours, but they can also clutter gutters. With the cooler weather, you may start using your fireplace if you have one, or use more heat. Here is your autumn maintenance list:

  • Check and clean your gutters out once a month at the least. Too much buildup can cause damage to the gutters.

  • Regularly rake leaves and properly dispose of them.

  • Have a look at your roof and chimney to check for damage or cracks.

  • Install or replace weather stripping around doors and windows to keep heat in.

  • Have a fireplace and furnace inspection.

  • Store your patio furniture.

  • Disconnect and store your garden hose.

  • Check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working.

  • This is a good time for going over your snowblower and making sure it’s in working order.


Spring brings us warmer days and many of us do our annual spring cleaning of the home. This includes the exterior of the home and the yard, as well as getting your garden ready for planting. Here’s your Spring maintenance list:

  • Give your roof a check and clean out the eaves-troughs.

  • Do paint touchups if needed.

  • Give the windows a good wash, both inside and out.

  • Bring that patio furniture and garden decorations back out. You may need to give furniture some airing.

  • Give your grass its first cut to help bring it back to life.

  • Start weeding now, before they get out of hand.

  • Test your sump pump if you have one.


The prep work for winter was done during the autumn, but there are things to look out for during the winter months. Here’s what is on your winter list:

  • Protect your central air system by covering it up and/or removing external air conditioners from windows.

  • Set your snow removal tools in an easy-to-reach area.

  • Be sure to replace and clean your furnace filter on a regular basis now that you are using it more.

  • Check your drains to make sure there are no issues or debris clogging things up. It’s harder to do pipe repairs in the winter with frozen ground.


Days are longer and nights shorter. A lot of the prep work for summer was done in your spring checklist, but there are still things to keep an eye on. Here’s your spring checklist:

  • Make sure to keep up plant and bush pruning.

  • Maintain your landscaping and cut your grass.

  • Be sure to check and replace heat and air conditioner filters.

  • Have your water heater flushed.

  • If you have a barbecue, now is a good time to make sure it’s in good working order.

Staying on top of your home’s maintenance can make a big difference. It gives your home that curb appeal needed and will help you identify small issues before they become bigger ones.

Do you need to do home maintenance and want to refinance your mortgage? Give our Grande Prairie mortgage broker team a call today!

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